What To Do Before You Accept a Job Offer

What To Do Before You Accept a Job Offer

Getting offered a job is such an exciting time. Especially after going through a gruelling application and interview process. The cherry on top should be getting a fantastic offer that really makes you feel valued and shows your worth. Today I want to talk about getting a great job offer, not only the salary but the full package.

There are three main parts in your job offer to consider. The first is the salary and the second other monetary benefits and third is everything else that makes up a benefit package.

Before You Accept a Job Offer Consider:


When it comes to basic salary there are few things to do. First of all – negotiate. The number one thing to do is negotiate. Don’t be afraid of it – it’s not as hard or as awful as it sounds. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth. That being said – know what you’re worth. Don’t expect to get paid €100k straight out of college.

Do your research and find out what is the typical pay for the position, the company, the industry and the number of years’ experience you have. If you are going through an agency you will get told the salary range from then beforehand. But if you are applying to the company directly, never show your hand first. Let them say the first number and high ball yourself. Push for the higher end of the salary range. You never know when you’ll have another opportunity to negotiate for yourself.

Other Monetary Renumeration

Before you accept a job offer, the next thing to negotiate and consider are the other monetary forms of renumeration. Things like a commission structure, performance related bonus, pension contribution, over-time, professional fees, gym membership, company phone, subsidised or free food and healthcare cover for you and your family.

Non-monetary Renumeration

Thirdly make sure to factor in non-monetary benefits. These would include things like how much annual leave you would be entitled to (and does this increase over time), further education opportunities, flexible working hours and work from home arrangements.

There are things other than money and benefits to consider before you accept a job offer.

Career Progression Opportunities

Does your job title accurately reflect the level of responsibility you have? Is there a clearly defined career path to the next position? And what would it take to get to the next step or level in the organisation? What kind of opportunities and progression is there? What kind of support or mentorship can you expect?

Company Culture

Ask yourself these questions: Where is the company located? How long will you need to commute each day and how expensive will it be? Is there travel involved? If so, how often and where to? What is the dress-code? Will you need new clothes? What is the company culture like? For example is it a start-up mentality or is there a lot of bureaucracy and red-tape? How long is the working day – what is the start time and finish time? Is there any shift work, weekend work or mandatory overtime?

Accepting a job offer is a big decision for you. Don’t let yourself be rushed. Take your time in making your decision and do not be afraid to ask all the questions and negotiate. You are the only person who is going to have to live with your decision so make sure you do yourself justice.

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