Ways To Use Quarantine To Your Advantage (Financially)

Ways To Use Quarantine To Your Advantage (Financially)

Ways To Use Quarantine To Your Advantage (Financially)

There are many downsides to this “safer at home” time. We are all practising physical distancing, frontline workers are putting their lives at risk, people in our communities are sick, we are all missing out on time with loved ones and special occasions. There are limitless downsides. I’m challenging myself (and you too) to find some ways to use it positively and to see the upside. In particular how we can use this time of quarantine to our advantage financially.

I know there are a lot of people in different situations but I’m primarily directing this idea to people who are being “safer at home” right now. Front line workers – we are all so thankful for you and know you are tirelessly working to keep the rest of us safe right now. For those of us lucky enough to be able to stay home during this time, let’s find some good in it. Here are some ideas of ways you can save money during this time. And to be honest, you could use these ideas at any time.

Idea 1 – Use up what you have

How many open or half-used bottles of moisturiser and conditioner do you have at home? What is in your freezer and kitchen presses than you can use up? Have you been hoarding cleaning supplies? Challenge yourself to use all this stuff up. Set a rule for yourself, that you are not allowed to buy any <insert product name here of item that you have ten bottles of > until you have used up all that you have of it at home. Yep, even those mini bottles that you took home from that nice hotel you stayed in. Use up as much as you can of what you have before you buying anything new.

Idea 2 – Workout from home

Forgot paying for your fancy yoga studio and CrossFit during lock-down. Workout for free at home. There are so many great workouts on YouTube you can follow. Enjoy this fantastic weather we are having right now and go for a walk or jog. Try taking up yoga or dancing or anything that sounds fun to you.

Idea 3 – Eat at home

Imagine how much money you would save by eating at home for a few months. No buying coffee out each day or expensive cocktails at the weekend. No overpriced salads from that cute salad bar near your office or mid-week early birds because you ‘don’t feel like cooking tonight’. Buy and prepare your own food and save a tonne of money during this time.

Idea 4 – Save the money you would normally be spending

If for example, you normally have transport costs in your budget for traveling to and from work. Or if you have a “coffee” budget for the office. Instead of spending this money on something else, put it towards paying down debt or a savings goal, or use it to do some good. Re-direct the money you would normally spend, that you are not spending anymore.  

Idea 5 – Spring clean and organise your home

Use this free time to do a spring clean and organise your home. This doesn’t directly have anything to do with saving money necessarily. But having a clean and organised home is good for the mind and soul. By doing a clear out, you will see exactly what you already have and can use up (see idea #1). You might also identify some things you could sell or donate or give to someone else who needs it.

Idea 6 – Take advantage of free trials

Free trials are available for many different platforms like fitness apps, meditation apps, and educational app. Take advantage of these free trials to learn something new. BUT, make sure you set a reminder on your phone to cancel the free trial before it ends. The last thing you want is to end up with a bunch of extra credit card charges.

Idea 7 – Get creative

What fun things can you and your family do at home, using what you already have? What about playing board games or cards? You could do some drawing, arts and crafts or upcycle a piece of old furniture. You could decorate your journal or create a vision board. What about baking or taking up a new skill? The possibilities are endless and we can learn to do virtually anything on YouTube these days.

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