Things I Stopped Buying and Don’t Miss

Things I Stopped Buying and Don’t Miss

Things I Stopped Buying and Don’t Miss

Today I’m talking to you about the things I have stopped buying and do not miss. You read that right. I stopped spending money on things and I’m not remotely sorry about it. Now, none of these item are particular profound or life-changing. I didn’t stop buying clothes altogether or start making my own beauty products. But these are small day-to-day items that I used to spend money on that I just don’t bother with anymore. Before I dive in to the list let me tell you why I stopped buying these things.

I stopped buying these items because:

  1. They did not add value to my life.
  2. They did not align to my lifestyle anymore.
  3. They did not fit with my goals.
  4. These things were demanding on my personal space, time or energy.
  5. They were a drain on my budget.

So without further ado, let me tell you all the things I have quit buying and don’t miss.

Groceries and Food

Buying lunch out every day. I have made a conscious effort this year to pack my lunch more. This one thing a lone is saving me a fortune and not only that but I am eat healthier as a result with homemade meals, often times cooked or prepared from scratch.

Take aways. When my husband and I are at home we rarely get a take away. Maybe two or three times a year tops. We much prefer the experience of going out to eat and so if we are going to spend money on food, we would prepare to save it for eating out.

Bottled water. This one was pretty painless for both of us. We bought two reusable bottles each, one for work and one for home.

Super specialist cleaning products. I try limit my cleaning products to more generic products that do more than one task so I don’t buy millions of individual products. For example, instead of buying make-up brush cleaner, I use shampoo instead.


I don’t get eye lash extensions or hair extensions done regularly any more. The maintenance of them was a real pain and honestly I’m not personally a big fan of the look they create on me.

Primer. This one is SUPER random. But I just don’t get the point – I have had tonnes of them in the past but I don’t think they change the way my makeup looks or how long it stays on.

Expensive body scrubs. Instead I have been using exfoliating gloves in the shower instead and find they work a treat!


One time wear clothes. I used to buy clothes for one specific occasion or because I couldn’t find anything to wear, wear them one time and then just never wear them again. It led to so much clutter and used up so much prime storage space.

Christmas jumpers! I went through a phase of getting a different Christmas jumper every year –  one is enough. Enough said!


A TV package. That’s right, we don’t have a TV subscription to any provider. We only use streaming services.

A house phone… because really, who needs a house phone anymore.

Magazines, newspapers and physical books. I don’t care for one-time use magazine or newspapers and now all my books are digital to save on the physical storage and also so I can have them with me on my device at all times.

Earphones. I used to constantly break or damage the wires on my earphones. I was having to buy new ones monthly at least. Instead invested in Airpods and honestly it was one of the best investments I have ever made. I use them every single day and truly love them.  

There you have it – the things I stopped buy and don’t miss! As I said at the beginning, I know a lot of these things aren’t very profound or radical, but it’s an honest account. The last thing I stopped buying in to is the lie that I need lots of “stuff” to make me happy. Or that if I just had more clothes or ABC technology or thing that I would feel good. The truth is that’s a lie. My values are wisely using my resources of time, energy, money, freedom and choices.

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