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Online One on One Personal Finance Coaching

My one on one personal finance coaching package comprises of four steps.

Step 1 – Pre-consultation

Step 2 – Information Gathering Session

Step 3 – Plan Sharing Session

Step 4 – Follow Up Session

For detailed info on each of the steps, read more below.



Online One on One Personal Finance Coaching

My one on one personal finance coaching package comprises of four steps. So keep reading to see how it works.

Step 1 – Pre-consultation

  • For the pre-consultation, I will ask you to share your current situation with me.
  • This will help me build a picture of where you are currently at with your finances and what you hope to get from the coaching sessions.
  • Our coaching sessions can cover a number of topics depending on your situation. We can work through a variety of personal finance subjects like: building a budget, paying off debt, saving for big goals, and managing day to day finances.
  • We will do this step over email at a time that’s convenient for you.

Step 2 – Information Gathering Session

  • We will have a 45-minute video conference session to take a deep dive into your current situation
  • We will discuss your goals and go into detail about your current situation. This will allow me to create a personalised plan to suit you and your goals.
  • After this session, I get to work developing a bespoke plan specific to you.

Step 3 – Plan Sharing Session

  • We will have a 45-minute follow-up video call to walk through your custom action plan.
  • We will discuss a strategy and plan to smash your goals and become confident with your finances. I will give you all of my best methods and processes. I will share with you my favorite resources, tools, and tips so that you are empowered to execute your plan.

Step 4 – Implementation and Follow Up Session

  • We will have a 30-minute follow-up session.
  • During this session, we will review your progress so far. We will discuss what is working in the plan and what is not working and make tweaks as needed. In addition, we will add more tools and strategies to your arsenal so you feel ready to execute your plan with confidence.

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