Things you’re probably spending too much money on that could save you hundreds each month!

Tips to save money every month.

1. TV

Take a look at how much you are spending each month on your television package. Do you really need the movie channels and sports channels? Could you make do with the basic package? Or can I suggest something completely radical… get rid of the TV package and just use Netflix (or similar) instead! This point alone could save you up to €100 each month.

2. Phone

Check your phone usage. Are you always going over your phone bill each month? If so you might need to upgrade your package to get a better deal. Are you always under using your phone package allowance? If so you might need to downgrade your package to align better to your usage. If you have “all you can eat data” as part of your package, use FaceTime or Whatsapp or similar for calls and messaging so you aren’t eating into your minutes/texts allowance each month.

3. Save Money on Food Shopping

Most of us spend too much on our supermarket shop each month. I have so much to say on this topic but for now read my top tips here!

4. Electricity and Heating

Websites like are such a great tool for comparing your electric and gas providers to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck! Once you are getting the best price, you can manage your usage by doing things like setting timers, investing in energy saving bulbs and insulating your house.

5. Memberships

If you have a membership to a gym or a golf club or tennis club that you actually USE then keep it, this point is not for you. However if you have a membership to a gym or club that you don’t use, even with the best of intentions, then you need to get rid of it. You are basically giving away month for free (i.e. you are getting nothing in return).

6. Subscriptions

Similar to the above point, if you have subscriptions that you use and that bring you value then that’s great. But if you have subscriptions for things that you don’t use or that you don’t get your money’s worth from then CUT them! Think of things like Deliveroo, Spotify, Prime, GamePass, Netflix, beauty boxes or anything that you signed up for a free trial and never get around to cancelling.

7. Save Money Eating Out

I love eating out. It’s one of my favourite ways to socialise and it’s my favourite date night! If you’re in the “cutting back” phase of your money journey, it can be so easy to blow your budget on eating out, however eating out can still be part of your life. See my top tips for eating out on the cheap here!

8. Debt Interest

If you are carrying a lot of ‘consumer’ debt, especially Credit Card debt, chances are you are being charged a huge amount in interest payments each month. This is effectively money the bank is charging you to have debt. Do yourself a favour and pay off your consumer debt as soon as possible and stop paying interest every month.


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