How To Keep Your Spending On Track – Part 2

How To Keep Your Spending On Track – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my blog series on ‘Ways to Keep Your Spending on Track’. Make sure if you haven’t already, that you read part 1 here. Now, let’s get straight into it without further delay with strategy number 6 below…

6. Online Shopping

I use caution with this suggestion because it won’t work for everyone. Some people get carried away with online shopping and can’t help themselves because it’s so easy to purchase with just a few clicks. Do not follow this tip if you are one of these people. 🙂

Similar to point 4 above, online shopping can be a great way to price compare and find the best deal. You can monitor and track the prices of different items, you can easily compare between different shops or providers and also if you total is running too high, you can remove items from your basket that are not in your budget and you avoid the temptation that goes along with walking around the aisles of the supermarket or clothing shop. You should search for discount codes and take advantage of online sales or free delivery options to get the best deal.  This works great for food shopping, cosmetics/toiletries, Christmas shopping, Back to School shopping, party planning and so on…

7. Get Clear on Your Why

It can be easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life and sometimes we lose sight of our goals. It is important to remember to take time every now and then to review your goals and see how your actions are aligned (or not as the case may be) to them. I have a regular routine of reviewing my goals, my action plan and checking in on my progress to make sure I am staying on track. Try and find a way to incorporate this into your routine.

Remember the big picture and your reason “why” and that all of the big stuff is the sum of all the little stuff. Small efforts add up to bigger results! Hopefully your big picture will motivate you to keep your spending on track.

8. Find Other Ways to Treat Yo-self

Find non-monetary ways of treating yourself. I have written about this before, you can see my post here but you don’t have to spend a tonne of money to feel like you are ‘treating’ yourself. Make a list of free or very inexpensive ways to treat yourself and keep these in your arsenal for when you need a boost.

9. Avoid Temptation

This may sound very simplistic but a great to not spend money is to just stay out of the shops and off shopping websites. Simple. You can’t spend your money (planned or unplanned) if you are not buying anything. Rather than trying to master yourself and have ‘more self-control’, remove the temptation altogether. Obviously this doesn’t work in the long run as we all need to buy the essentials, but in the run up to pay day, if I have depleted my funds and in order to avoid going over budget, I will simply stay out of the shops so I can’t spend any money. Consider this a version of a no-spend challenge if you will.

10. Have Personal Policies About Spending

Have some rules or ‘personal policies’ about spending for yourself that you always stick with no matter what the circumstances. Some good examples of these that I have seen are:

  • I only go to the supermarket once per week
  • I never order starters or appetisers when I’m out
  • Friday is the only date I only buy lunch (or coffee) in work
  • I only buy clothes during the sales season
  • <€xx amount of money> is the maximum I will spend on <insert product name here>

These are my 10 top tips and strategies to help you keep your spending on track. I have used them all in combinations at different times of my life. I hope this helps you on your way to smashing your goals!

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