Goal Setting for 2020 Part 1

goal setting

Goal Setting – What You Need to Know

First things first, if you haven’t already, go back and read my post on reflecting for 2019 here. You can’t move forward until you have dealt with the past. Next it’s time to start looking forward, planning and goal setting for the year ahead. A New Year is not the only time you can set an action plan in place or set new goals. It is however a wonderful and unique opportunity for a fresh start. I use a new year as a chance to refresh my goals to create a feeling of newness and sparkle. 2020 is not only a clean slate for a new year but a new decade. So get ready to step into it prepared for hard work and success.

Here I lay out for you how to prepare yourself for the start of the new year and set up goals for yourself in such a way that you can NAIL them, proving to yourself that success and achievement are pouring into your life and an unstoppable pace.

Step 1 – Plan Your Year in Advance

The first thing I like to do when planning for a new year is to set out my calendar (Google calendar is my fav!). This is a real game changer for me! These are the exact steps I follow:

  1. Firstly, I input all bank holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special events and occasions (example: weddings, graduations, baby showers). If you have children you should also insert any school holidays, exam periods, parent-teacher meetings etc.
  2. Secondly, I insert any regularly scheduled activities such as gym classes or hobbies. If you’re doing any educational courses, you should include any lectures, assignment due dates and exams. Again, if you have children you should insert their extra-curricular activities too.
  3. Thirdly, I carve out time to take annual leave or holidays from work and pencil them into the calendar so I know when I have breaks to look forward to and I can plan some trips.
  4. Next I input all my appointments such as doctors, dentists, opticians, physiotherapy, haircuts, NCT, car service, boiler service and so on.  
  5. I also include all social plans that are either recurring or already pre-booked. This includes regular date nights and a recurring dinner reservation with my friends.
  6. Lastly I set aside time for weekly, monthly and quarterly planning and progress reviews.

Step 2 – Schedule Your Appointments

Set aside some time and make sure your phone is fully charged so you can spend some time making all your appointments for the upcoming year. Input these appointment into your calendar (see step 1) and then budget accordingly (see step 3). Think of appointments such as dentist, doctor, orthodontist, counselling, physiotherapy, hair cuts and colour, car service, boiler service and any other household maintenance tasks.

Step 3 – Set Your Budget for the Year

Now that you know what big events you have in the coming year, it’s time to make a plan for each pay check. At this point you won’t be able to set a precise or detailed budget but you will be able to set a high-level budget for each pay-period. Because I prefer Excel to manage my budget, I allocate a column for each month of the year. I note roughly what I expect my income to be each month and roughly what I expect my expenses, savings and investments to be. Each month I create more precise and detailed figures, but this gives me an overview and what I can expect for the year. I refer to the dates in step 1 above to get an idea of what big expenses are coming my way.

That’s all for Goal Setting in 2020 Part 1. Stay tuned for Goal Setting in 2020 Part 2 coming soon.


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