9 Principles of Financial Empowerment

Do you need help with your personal finances? Are you always saying things like “I’m broke”, “I’m terrible with money”, “I can’t afford that” or “I’ll never be able to buy a house”? Follow these 9 principles to reach financial empowerment.

1. Do a stock-take

Stage 1 - 9 Principles of Financial Empowerment

Check out all our budgeting templates to help you with these steps here.

2. Create a budget

Stage 2

If the idea of creating a budget overwhelms or scares you, we have a “Build Me a Budget” service, where we create a custom budget with personalised recommendations for you. Check out more about it here.

3. Build a buffer

Stage 3

4. Get current on bills and debt repayments

Stage 4

5. Get out of debt

Stage 5

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6. Save an emergency fund

Stage 6

I have written extensively about emergency funds. Make sure you read about them on our blog.

7. Contribute to your pension

Stage 7

8. Set goals and save and/or invest for them

Stage 8 - 9 Principles of Financial Empowerment

I have written all about goal setting here. Check out the blog for more.

9. Stay the course

Stage 9 - 9 Principles of Financial Empowerment

Want someone to walk you through these principles step by step? I work with people (like you!) to create customised plans to achieve all these milestones and reach their goals. You and I can work together one on one. Find out more about our coaching program here.

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