7 Things I Splurge On That Are Completely Worth It

7 Things I Splurge On That Are Completely Worth It

I often talk on this blog about different ways to optimise or maximise your money and how to make savings on various expenses but today I want to talk about something a bit different. Today I want to share 7 things I often splurge on that I have absolutely no regrets about*. Based on my current financial situation there is plenty of room in my budget for these items along and I’m meeting my other money goals. I also feel that these items add value to my life in other ways (such as giving me back time!!) so they are completely worth it to me. 

*Caveat: I would not splurge on these things if I was carrying a lot of consumer debt or if I was in a bad situation financially. Instead I would shift my focus and prioritise these first!

1. A Cleaner 

I have someone come to my house for a couple of hours each week to do cleaning and ironing. This is a real life saver because myself and my other half disagree about how often cleaning needs to be done and are often doing last minute ironing late at night for the next day. Not only does this remove the need for any discussions about how often <insert kitchen appliance here> needs to be cleaned but it also gives me back a number of hours each week. Best money I spend! 

2. High Speed Broadband

I am so reliant on the internet at home for work, for entertainment and for many of my tools and electronics to be able to function. I am happy to pay above the odds for the quickest speed and least amount of down time/ service interruptions. Honestly I don’t know how I would function without it and I honestly don’t think I couple cope with slow download speeds or interrupted service! 🙂 

3. Healthy and High Quality Food

When it comes to food and nutrition, I try to be balanced in my approach. As I am also a nutritionist (fun fact!) it is important to me to buy healthy and good quality food to enjoy. I do try and balance this with getting value for money. See my blog post for tips on saving on your supermarket shopping here. I do not fundamentally believe that you need to spend a fortune to eat “healthy” but overall I would choose to pay more for more nutrient dense alternatives. 

4. Personal Training

This one my be controversial for some people. A lot of people say to me why don’t you go to the gym yourself or with a friend or go to a fitness class instead. For me, the only way I stick to an exercise routine is with my personal trainer. For me, I feel like when I have an appointment with her I cannot cancel, even if I don’t feel up to it and I always feel 1,000 times better leaving than when I started. I have tried lots of alternatives but this works best for me. I also love my PT, we have developed a great relationship and she really gets my health goals and pushes me to get closer to them. Worth every penny! 

5. Gel polish Manicures

I love having my nails done. It makes me feel much more finished and put together when I have my hands properly manicured. My preference is the 2-week gel polish. I have tried so many times to do my own nails, I even bought a DIY gel polish kit but I just don’t have steady enough hands. It’s always a complete disaster! I don’t get my nails done every 2-weeks but when I do get them done it feels like a real treat and I love the way it looks. 

6. Travel 

When I travel for holidays I am usually going for the experience and so I don’t automatically go for the cheapest option. I shop around for value and do tonnes and tonnes of research to make the best selection. Usually I end up going for something mid-range that feels like a good deal overall. Best of both worlds! 

7. Skincare (but for my face only)

As I approach a milestone birthday, I am becoming increasingly conscious of my skin and taking good care of it. I have a personal policy that I will spend extra money to get good quality skin products for my face such as cleanser, eye cream, serums, make-up etc. and I balance this by not spending much an body-care products. Since your face is the first thing most people notice about you, I feel that it is worth the extra investment. I also think (hope) that it will pay off in the long run. 🙂 Currently I am loving The Ordinary products that are actually both really high quality and really reasonably priced.

What about you? What things do you splurge on that are completely worth it to you? Let me know your favourite things to splurge on in the comments below. 

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