10 Ways to Keep Wedding Costs Under Control


Wedding Costs

Weddings can be hugely costly especially for the bride and groom. Many wedding budgets grow and inflate multiple times between the engagement and the actual wedding as you add in lots of ‘extras’ that have suddenly become wedding day ‘essentials’. In my day job we call this ‘scope creep’. 🙂 I have seen many wedding budgets looking completely different after the wedding than they did at the outset of the wedding planning.

Now I’m not suggesting that you cut corners on your special day or that you should try do it on the cheap. But as many of you might know, I recently got married. After I got engaged, I asked my sister (you should check out her Instagram @thethreeboysblue), who got married 4 years ago for her ideas on what were the wedding must-haves, things to miss and what was a waste of money. Here are a list of 10 ways she suggested to keep wedding costs under control and I had to share with you.


Make sure you have a realistic budget. This tends to be a huge downfall for most. If you can borrow a template from someone who is organised and good with money all the better.


Fresh versus false flowers. Fresh flowers can be so expensive. You could save hundreds of euro by swapping out some fresh flower displays with artificial flowers. For example you could use some artificial flowers to decorate your venue and use fresh flowers for your bouquet. Most artificial flowers are extremely realistic and nobody will be any the wiser but your bank balance.


Do yourself a favour and skip the favours. These can be so expensive and an unnecessary frill. Most of them get left on the table and end up in the bin. Mother Nature will thank you too!


Corkage. Some venues will allow you to bring your own wine, prosecco or champagne and charge a small corkage fee. It may or may not be worth your while! Do your sums carefully and if you got a good deal from your local off license or supermarket all the better!


The day of the week you get married will have huge consequences for your budget and the price you end up paying. Not just for your venue, but for all your venders too. If you can get married on a weekday or off-peak there are huge savings to be made.


Consider having your ceremony a little later in the day. After your ceremony, you can take some photos and the have your dinner served straight after. This cuts down on the need for canapés, saves money and there’s less hanging around time for your guests too.


Think about having your ceremony and the wedding meal in the one place. This will save on transport costs and you could potentially save on a ceremony venue hire too.


Compiling a list of all your favourite music on the likes of Spotify eliminates the need for a DJ. You can shamelessly dance away to all your cheesy favourites while saving yourself a pretty penny!


If you’re lucky enough to have a family member or a good friend with a nice car, you could consider asking them could you borrow it or could they be the chauffeur for your big day. Chances are they’ll be delighted you’ve asked and you’ll save yourself a huge chunk of change!


Avoid all paper and go digital with your invitations. You’ll not only save yourself money and hassle but it’s great for the environment too.

Remember as you are preparing for your wedding to also set up a separate ‘Wedding’ specific sinking fund. I explain sinking funds in more detail here. Let me know your thoughts and how you have managed to keep wedding costs from spinning out of control.

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